How can I prevent accidental in-app purchases?
Posted by on 31 December 2013 05:18 PM

Pocket Gems is committed to developing mobile games that delight and engage our customers. As part of that commitment, we make our games free to download, ensuring that a broad set of consumers have access to them. We also offer customers the opportunity to purchase goods within our games, providing them with the ability to personalize their playing experience. Many people have told us that they love this option.

While we are dedicated to developing the most enjoyable games possible, we also place the utmost importance on security, particularly when it comes to financial transactions for our customers. We utilize Apple’s most up-to-date protocols for in-app purchases and prompt users to confirm purchases before they are charged. Within this system, Apple keeps all customer financial information to ensure privacy and is the party responsible for confirming each transaction.

We realize that this process is not perfect and there may be circumstances under which a customer could purchase an item inadvertently. This is specifically known to occur after a user has entered his or her password, for example, to download an app initially. Apple stores this password information for a period of time. Many customers enjoy this functionality because, while every purchase must still be confirmed in the app, they do not have to continually re-enter their password. However, for devices that are shared between family and friends within this period, it may be possible for another user to select an item for purchase and confirm the purchase within the app without having to re-enter the password. We are approaching Apple with the hope that we can work with them to improve this mechanism. In the interim, we are taking additional steps to make purchases even clearer in future versions of our games.

Customers who are concerned about accidental purchases can find instructions for disabling in-app purchases here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213

We are grateful for all of our customers’ feedback and look forward to continuing to work with them to improve the gaming experience of our products going forward. We hope that this FAQ has helped resolved your issue. If this FAQ has resolved your issue, please continue enjoying your game - no need to send us an e-mail.


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