Campus Life: Can I transfer my game to another device?
Posted by J. Lee on 04 April 2013 03:08 PM

Thank you for viewing this FAQ. Here is how to transfer your Campus Life game:

1. Please install Tap Campus Life on your new shiny device

2. Login to Game Center on both devices 

3. Launch Tap Campus Life on your new shiny device

4. A popup menu will appear asking you if you would like to load a game from our servers. Tap "Yes". 

5. Your game from your previous device should now be loaded on your new shiny device. 

(Note: if you decide that you wish to load your game some other time you can go to your game > Settings > load app. It will then log you into game center and check to see if you have a version of the game saved on Game Center. The game will inform you to relaunch the game. You should see your previous game now on your new shiny device.)

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