Transferring games using Game Center for iOS6 and up
Posted by J. Lee on 31 December 2013 05:36 PM

NOTE: Only Campus Life, Tap Paradise Cove, Tap Zoo, and Tap Pet Hotel support game transfers using Game Center at this moment. Tap Campus Life and Tap PetShop will support it in upcoming versions.

For Campus Life:

1. Please be sure to first have been signed into Game Center when playing your previous Campus Life game

2. Next you will want to sign into the same Game Center on your new device

3. You will see a message asking if you would like to load a game from the server, please tap on "Yes"

4. This should then load your Campus Life game onto your new Apple device.

For Tap Zoo & Tap Paradise Cove:

1. On your old device, sign into Game Center and launch your app. 

2. On your new device, install your app from the App Store or sync to iTunes which will install your app onto your device

3. Launch your app

4. When prompted to sign into Game Center

5. Your game state should be loaded. 

For Tap Pet Hotel:

1. Make sure your current hotel is connected to Game Center via the neighbor menu.

2. Once in Pet Hotel on your new device, tap the 'Option' button (Cog wheel on the bottom left), then tap 'Load Hotel'.

3. Connect to Game Center in-game using the same account as your old device.

4. Tap the gears button in the bottom right corner of the game then 'Load Hotel'. This will load your hotel from your old device.


We hope that this FAQ has helped resolved your issue. If this FAQ has resolved your issue, please continue enjoying your game - no need to send us an e-mail.

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