Tap Zoo: What is registering email accounts and why should I do it?
Posted by on 07 September 2012 11:50 AM

If you register your email address, it will link your game to your email address so you can load and transfer your games between devices. It is beneficial to you because you can now transfer your game state from one device to another and play the game without losing your game state.

Please note that Registering your game does NOT sync your game between the 2 devices, meaning that you should not try to play the game on both devices thinking it will sync your game. Trying to play our games on both devices is NOT recommended and will break your game state.

Instructions to Register for Tap Zoo:

1) In your game on your old device, Save your game first. Then go to Main Menu > Other > Account > tap on Register and follow the instructions

2) On your new device, download the game (if you haven’t already done so) and do step #1. It should now say that you’ve already registered that email address, and to check your email.

3) In your email, you will receive a short note with a link that you must follow to confirm that you want to link the game between the two phones.

4) Immediately after following the link and seeing confirmation that you have linked the game across devices, you can load your game on your new phone.

5) To load your game on the new device, in the menus find the “Save/Load” button. Then click “Load”


We hope that this FAQ has helped resolved your issue. If this FAQ has resolved your issue, please continue enjoying your game - no need to send us an e-mail.

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