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FAQs : Campus Life Android

After completing the quest Elisha the Freshman will thank you and provide you with a reward. Currently there is no recruitment available for Elisha the Freshman. Once all steps have been completed you will earn rewards for completing the quest.
The School Points in Campus Life are used to help promote your jobs for each recruit. Promoting your recruits will allow you to collect more cash from them each time they are promoted. These points can be earned from the Study section of Campus Life.
The Daily Bonus provides different rewards each time you colelct from it. These can range in different forms of currency in Campus Life. Consistently collecting this bonus will increase the amount provided each time you collect it.
Clothing in Campus Life can be purchased using the Shop button in your Campus Life game. We offer many varieties of clothing, all of which can cost either cash or diamonds in your Campus Life game.
We are aware of the missing furniture issue and have tried to fix it. However, several factors prevent us from solving it at this time. Please submit a ticket to and so that we can further assist you with this issue. Please m...
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